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Lower Merion School District pays many of the necessary expenses of the team during the Spring crew season, but does not fully fund the program. During Fall season there is no funding available at all from the School District.


Friends of Harriton Crew is responsible for buying, replacing and repairing boats, launches (motor boats coaches use alongside their rowers), oars and other gear used by the rowers and coaches. FHC also buys and maintains the equipment and supplies used at the hospitality tent during every regatta. The awards banquet at the end of the season is also the responsibility of FHC. Our main sources of income are grants, donations and the dues, the latter being our primary source of income.


Spring 2024 Dues: $750.   Venmo is preferred, use: @HarritonCrew,
(by check) or Contact the Treasurer 

Note: Fall Crew is a Club Sport, and dues depend on Enrollment.

Dues are preferably paid at time of registration, but are due a week before the first regatta of the season at the latest. Once a student-athlete has accepted a place as a member of Harriton crew for the current season, the dues become non-refundable. There are no exceptions to this policy, which covers issues such as sickness, dismissal, withdrawal by the student as well as any others that may be raised.


For crew members that need financial assistance, a financial payment plan is available, which allows for payment in three installments. Please contact the Friends of Harriton Crew treasurer for more information.


Harriton Uniform/Tanktop

All rowers/coxswains must wear the same uniform to compete in regattas. During Spring Season, a one-piece uniform is mandatory. During Fall season, the crew can row in a tanktop or long sleeved top with black compression/crew shorts. We will keep you posted on how and where to buy the uniform shortly after registration. The cost of Unis for the 2024 spring season will be approximately $95.00 (TBD).



The registration costs for the regattas are included in the dues.  If a boat qualifies for Nationals at Cooper River in NJ, additional fundraising and dues may be required.   



As the crew program is not fully supported financially (There is no financial support at all for Fall crew season), fundraising is more important than ever to support the program. Please help us promote our fundraisers and share ideas for new ones to provide for the necessary funds and minimize the dues!



Transportation during Spring program is supported by the School District and the students will be transported to practice with the school bus. Please note that the Fall program is not funded by the Lower Merion School District or Harriton High School and consequently no transportation by school bus will be provided during Fall.


Regatta Parking

Parking usually costs about $20. You will need to bring cash for these fees, as credit cards are not accepted at many parking locations.  Occasionally, spots can be found at no charge. If you are bringing food for your hospitality duty, please check with hospitality to see if a parking pass can be available for you.



For both the dues and the uniform (as soon as it's available), a check should be made out to “Friends of Harriton Crew” if you do decide to pay by check and sent to:


FHC Treasurer

Harriton High School

600 North Ithan Ave

Rosemont, PA 19010



Please include a note with the student-athlete’s grade, first and last name.


There is a payment plan available that allows you to pay the dues in installments should you need to spread your payments. Please contact our treasurer for more information.

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