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Crew is more than just a sport for our high schoolers; it is a sport for the entire family.


Each weekend from March through May, Harriton Crew rowers, coxswains, managers, parents and friends gather at the beautiful Harriton Crew Tent along the Schuylkill River to enjoy the races. It is an opportunity to meet other parents and share a delicious feast. And no matter the weather, we will be on Kelly Drive to watch our rowers on the river.  The enthusiasm on the river truly is a motivation to the rowers, and it is important that we support our children in their races. 

Food and Drink

The Friends of Harriton Crew ("FHC") hospitality team provides egg sandwiches (with or without sausage) in the morning, and burgers, hotdogs and sometimes chicken sandwiches or other goodies for lunch/dinner.  A "sign-up genius" will be sent out before each regatta for parents to sign up to bring a couple of other entrees, side dishes and drinks, and/or volunteer to help with set up/break down of the tent.  Keep in mind that when you volunteer to bring food you are feeding the entire (very hungry) crew team, coaches, parents, and guests.


Please provide all food in disposable containers if at all possible. For food that will need to be warmed up and/or kept warm, please provide in foil chafing dishes (that can be found in any grocery store) - FHC provides tray racks and Sterno cannisters


Sound nutrition is essential for strength and endurance; please keep this in mind when selecting your contribution for race day. To help you here are some examples of what you can bring:


Appetizers examples:

Vegetables with dip, cheese and crackers, hummus and pita.



Pasta salad, tossed salad, Caesar salad, fruit salad. Please provide dressing on the side for a salad that requires one.


Entrées (as alternatives to burgers/dogs):

Lasagna, hoagies, tomato pie, pizza. If you provide hoagies, ask the vendor to pre-slice for individual portions and to wrap the filling inside the rolls so the rolls don’t become soggy – you should also request the onions, oil, mayo, tomatoes, pickles, and peppers to be provided separately.


Snacks and Dessert:

Pre-cut fresh fruit, bananas, soft pretzels, granola/health bars, zucchini/banana bread, muffins, brownies/cookies.


Breakfast (as alternatives to egg sandwiches):

 Bagels and cream cheese, muffins, breakfast cakes, sausage, bacon, fruit.


You don't have to bring:

Friends of Harriton Crew provide all water, paper goods, utensils, trash bags, as well as propane for our grill. 


Tent Crew


Volunteering does not have to be brining food/drink!  Parents are encouraged to sign up to be on "Tent Crew" during regattas.  Tent Crew is responsible for helping set up, or take down the tent, or grille sandwiches, etc,  depending on which shift they signed up for (morning or afternoon). Morning shift will run approximately 7 AM -11:30AM, afternoon shift is approximately 11:30AM until last race of the day (depending on schedule could be as late as 4PM).   The Tent Crew helps make sure food and drinks are set out, replenished, and the grilling keeps pace with the eaters.  

Parents can sign up for Tent Crew  via the Sign Up Genius sent out for each regatta.



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