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If the regatta takes place on the Schuylkill,  due to construction, we have a new temporty site for this spring season.  See below snapshots for the tent location.

Parking is located up above Kelly Drive- as you approach the Schuylkill River race course, you will be able to drop your rower close by to Temple University's boathouse aka East Park Canoe House  (upriver from Boathouse Row, near the Strawberry Mansion Bridge).  You will then be directed to to up a fairly steep hill towards the parking.  The best place to park would be near Rockland Mansion (GPS:  3810 Mt. Pleasant Drive, Philadelphia, PA 19121).  You will then look for a path through the woods to a steep path down the hill.  The trail is very steep- please wear sensible footwear and make sure to take your time.   At the bottom of the trail, you will once again be on Kelly Drive- the new location is to the "right" per the maps below.    


 Please see the map below:

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